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As a stylist, when words stop making sense and images take place this is where I stand in command. Rules are made to be broken and in fashion for decades all of them have been broken not once but many times, I am not here to break all of them but I must admit its fun. My success in styling and in the world of fashion relates to my life, it is very hard to portray a style and create an image where the essence of living has been limited. My traveling, my world hopping proves that in fashion and styling there are no limits, the boundaries are always set but easy to cross them. Fashion guru, expert in fashion, trend setter…all this are tags and adjectives that perhaps suit allot of “experts”, I am just a person that lives for what I do and enjoy being part of this world where images count and say more than words.

Trends, must haves, hot items, “in” or “out”, color, attitude, volume, everything counts for me and each one of them is part of a recipe that creates an image that becomes a scream for attention. I enjoy to create never to destroy, form and not deform, nowadays pretty can turn ugly and ugly can become beautiful, it all depends on its needs and demands.
Every image I create becomes an open book, a story with a beginning a climax and an end, hot news on a dairy or the obituary of someone we will all miss. Messages delivered by images that is me, I am Ovidiu Buta and I am a story teller playing in the world of fashion as a stylist!
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